Smile Makeover for Gaps in Teeth

smile makeover

Though a couple celebrities like Michael Strahan are able to pull off the gap-toothed look with success, most people find such gaps unsightly. The spacing between teeth is a problem beyond aesthetics. Gaps in smiles allow food particles, bacteria and other unsavory particles to accumulate and wreak havoc on oral health.

There is no sense living with such ugly and unhealthy gaps between your teeth when a smile makeover can eliminate these spaces and return your smile to normal. Here is a look at a few smile makeover treatments to eliminate those pesky gaps between teeth.


Invisalign®’s translucent aligners allow you to gradually eliminate the spacing between your teeth without making it clear you are using an orthodontic aid. Invisalign will take upward of a year to straighten teeth and eliminate spaces between teeth. Fortunately, no one will have any idea you are using this smile makeover solution.


Veneers are quite popular as they conceal gaps between teeth as well as cracks, chips, stains and even misalignments. Many patients find lumineers to be especially helpful as they are less invasive. Like veneers, lumineers conceal gaps with uber-thin pieces of porcelain bonded directly to the teeth. The end result is an evening out of teeth shape, size and length in addition to the elimination of gaps.


Missing teeth or loose teeth are problematic in a number of regards. For one, missing teeth take a toll on your confidence. Furthermore, gapped teeth make eating that much more challenging. Dental implants are designed to fill those voids created when teeth are lost or decayed/damaged to the point that they require extraction.

Dental implants can replace one or several missing teeth. These implants are not prone to cavities like regular teeth. This is attributable to the fact that dental implants are artificial. Your implants will prevent food from moving to those unsightly gaps and compromising your oral health. Perhaps most importantly, dental implants dramatically enhance your self-esteem as you will be able to part your lips without hesitation in public settings.


Though Invisalign aligners have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, braces are still a helpful option for remedying gaps between teeth. Braces help move teeth closer to one another to eliminate those ugly gaps. The primary advantage of braces is there is no need to attach anything artificial to the teeth. This means there is no risk of anything wearing out. The end result is a healthy means of eliminating those ugly gaps.

There are some negatives to braces. This cosmetic dentistry solution for gapped teeth takes several months to shift teeth into position to close spaces. In some cases, it takes upwards of several years for braces to close such spaces. Furthermore, it might also be necessary to wear a permanent retainer to prevent teeth from moving back to their original positions and re-establishing the gap.

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